President & Executive Director Annual Report - JUNE 2015

This past year the Board of Directors fulfilled an important part of the role of a Board, that of developing a strategic plan. The new strategic plan sets out four key directions that our organization will pursue over the next several years. Input to the plan was obtained through a Family Engagement Survey (July 2013), Survey for Adults, supported by the organization, (October 2013 to January 2014), and an Employee Satisfaction Survey (September 2014). Input was also provided by the management team during two meetings (May and June, 2014).

In October the management team and board members met to review the input provided by the focus groups and results of the surveys, reviewed the vision, mission and values statements and developed strategic directions, goals and actions. The full Board then met for a day-long session to review and finalize the plan. First, the Vision, Mission and Values Statement were updated, then four strategic directions were developed which include:

  • To enhance CLPCW’s capacity to respond to client and family needs
  • To support a highly committed, effective and stable workforce
  • To ensure that CLPCW’s internal systems and structures support best practices
  • To ensure that the Board continues to provide the most effective stewardship possible

The board officially approved the Strategic Plan at their board meeting in February and since that time we have been busy establishing key actions and time lines for each of the goals, and, appointing individuals/groups responsible for ensuring that each goal and action is completed. A copy of the strategic plan overview is included in the program for your review. In addition, you are welcome to request a copy of the full document, Embracing the Future: 2015-2017. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide input and assisted in the development of this ‘road map’ to the future.

Our Board committees have been very busy this past year. The Quality Enhancement Committee, chaired by Patti Miller, is responsible for establishing an ongoing quality enhancement process that promotes quality services and supports that are responsive to an individual’s personal goals. This committee recommends to the Board activities that will assist the organization to build a culture, policies, systems and practices that lead to inclusion for people receiving services. This is the group responsible for initiating the strategic planning process.

The Right’s Review Committee, facilitated by Anne Readhead, is responsible for a wide range of functions to protect and enhance the rights of people. Membership of the Right’s Review Committee (and Rights Review Advisory Committee) include members of the Board of Directors, Self-Advocates, Staff, Executive Director/designate and Clinicians.

People Helping People Achieve is a support group of leaders that was founded in 2000 by self-advocates in Port Colborne. This year they will be celebrating 15 years as an active and inspired group. Chaired by Dan Tonello, the group focuses on learning about their rights as Canadian citizens. The chair of the group is appointed as a member of the Board of Directors.

This year some of the PHPA members spent countless hours developing S.T.A.R. (Stop, Think, Act, Report) Training. This interactive training workshop is designed and delivered by self-advocates and informs people about the issue of abuse and people’s rights and responsibilities. They have provided a number of the trainings at Community Living organizations in southern Ontario, and have been asked to be presenters at the Community Living Ontario Conference this September. Congratulations go to Dan Tonello, Scott Schihl and Clint Tyrrell and facilitators, Julie Holmes and Kim Simons for all their hard work developing this very important training program.

The board and stakeholders have a very busy year ahead. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff, volunteers, employers and funders. Your dedication and commitment affects the quality services and supports that Community Living Port Colborne-Wainfleet delivers. Your contribution of supporting people to achieve their successes and to be active and contributing members of our community is so very important.

Pat Davis, President & Vickie Moreland, Executive Director